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Structure: open structure / Split Type (quick installation type)

Material: PC ABS

Components: Seal tape, Insulation tape, Nylon tie, optical cable heat shrinkable sleeve, mental hook, seal fittings, numeral bar, retaining ring

Environmental temperature: -40℃ to +85℃

Atmospheric pressure: 70∽106Kpa                 

Optic property: The spare fiber coiled in the fiber emplacing device; the fiber connector won't attenuate during the FOSC installation operation period. Seal Performance: After the closures are sealed, then pressurized up to 100KPa5KPa in water, immersed in 15 minutes, there are no air bubbles; Or observed for 24 hours, there is no change of air pressure. Re-encapsulation Performance: The closures are pressurized up to 100KPa}5KPa in water, immersed in 15 minutes, there are no air bubbles; Or observed for 24 hours, there is no change of air pressure after three times of repeat encapsulation

Voltage-resistance strength: Under the effect of 15kv/DC/1min, non-puncture, and no arc-over.

Insulation resistance: ≥2X104MΩ

Maximum capacity: 144cores

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